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Types of shower head and installation methods

The shower head, was originally a device for watering flowers, potted plants and other plants. Later, someone converted it into a shower device and made it a common item in the bathroom
1. Types of shower heads:
①Portable: You can hold it in your hand and shower at will. The bracket has a fixed function. If it is a shower head, it refers to this movable part;
②Top of the head: Generally, the shower head refers to this fixed structure. The head is fixed at the top of the head, and the bracket is inserted into the wall. It does not have the lifting function. However, there is a movable ball on the shower head to adjust the angle of water outlet and the angle of movement up and down. More flexible;
③Position: The shower is hidden in the wall and sprays on the body side. There are various installation positions and spray angles for cleaning and massage.
2. Shower installation method
The installation height of the shower head can be divided into two types according to the type of shower head:
Surface-mounted boom showers are generally defined by the surface of the shower, and the best distance is 2 meters.
It should be noted that these data are only average data. When the shower is actually installed, it should be adjusted according to the height of the user.
The concealed water pipe for the exposed shower switch is hot on the left and cold on the right. The center spacing should be 150mm. The concealed water outlet on the wall should be level with the tile surface, and the internal concealed water pipe should be perpendicular to the wall. Face at a 90 degree angle.
In addition, the adjustment of the shower water pressure is also a key: under normal circumstances, the water pressure within 1.5 kg is most suitable for the use of the shower. Too much water pressure will cause the shower to burst, and the shower cannot be used normally if the water pressure is too small.