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Pipeline selection construction selection construction

How to choose

Healthy water, starting from the pipe, how to buy a healthy, safe and durable water pipe, teach you a trick:

Fiest Smell: Smell for any peculiar smell in the water pipe. Parallel cargo pipes are mostly mixed with recycled toxic plastics, and they often smell pungent.

Second look: first look at the color, thickness, and gloss of the water pipe, and whether the outer wall of the pipe is marked with trademark, specification, temperature, pressure, and production batch.

Three attention: One should pay attention to the regular agent shop or manufacturer with the authorized distribution book of pipes, and the other should pay attention to whether the pipes and fittings purchased are produced by the same manufacturer. Third, pay attention to obtaining the product service card.

Product quality is not equal to engineering quality. Inadequate installation will greatly reduce the insurance coefficient of the product. Generally, household water pipes are buried in the dark. If they are not careful, they will be stolen and replaced, and consumers should pay more attention to it.

1. Please regular installation workers, and carry out construction according to the construction specifications, try to be horizontal and vertical.

2. Strictly control the materials and check and accept each process one by one to prevent cutting corners and materials.

3. Carry out pressure test, remember not to save trouble, test the water without pressure test, leaving hidden dangers of water leakage.

When the pipeline design is unreasonable or inconvenient to use, maintenance and transformation are needed. It is very important to choose a convenient and easy-to-maintain water pipe.

Commonly used are aluminum-plastic pipes and pure plastic pipes (such as PVC pipes and PPR pipes). The aluminum-plastic pipes can be bent at will without rebounding by hand. The button connection is convenient. It is easy to detect the buried position with a metal detector, and the maintenance is simple and convenient. ; PPR pipe is easy to be brittle and fractured due to hot-melt connection, maintenance and transformation will affect the safety of the entire pipeline, so you need to be very careful. After the completion of the construction, it is best to take pictures of the pipeline layout and keep the bottom for future maintenance.