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What to do with a leaking kitchen sink faucet?

Leaking water from the faucet is a problem that every family may encounter in life. The first thing to do is to turn off the water supply and then check for repairs. If there is water leakage at the water outlet, just replace the shaft gasket with a new one. Water leaks from the lower part of the faucet, you can take out the triangular seal inside the gland and replace it with a new one. If there is water leakage at the junction of the pipe, you can re-tighten the cap nut or replace it with a new U-shaped gasket.
Some people like to turn the faucet tightly every time they run out of water, thinking that this will prevent water leakage. In fact, to use the faucet correctly, you should try to close and open it as gently as possible. Do not turn the faucet knob vigorously repeatedly, and you should not turn the faucet too tightly. In addition, the faucet should try not to collide with hard objects. For the use of bathtub faucets, the metal hose of the shower head should be kept in a natural stretch state, and it should not be coiled on the faucet when not in use. When in use or not in use, pay attention not to form a dead angle at the joint between the hose and the valve body, so as not to break or damage hose.