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What are the uses of aluminum alloy pipe clamps

In the process of pipe fixing, different types of pipe clamps are required. There are many types of pipe clamps, such as stainless steel pipe clamps, galvanized pipe clamps, etc. Different types of pipe clamps are suitable for pipelines with different load requirements. How are the clips produced, and what is their production process?
1. Plastic pipe clamps: Every heavy pipe clamp manufacturer must have large-scale injection molding machines, punching machines, CNC machine tools, and forging press equipment. The main plastic pipe clamps are divided into plastic parts, upper and lower cover plates, screws and nuts, and plastic bodies. According to the different types of customer requirements, it is injection molded. The surface should be lubricated. The selected plastic particles must have strong tensile strength, hardness and anti-aging degree. The upper and lower cover plates are made by a punching machine, and then galvanized. The screws are It is made with CNC machine tools, then galvanized, and then combined and packaged by skilled workers.
2. Aluminum alloy pipe clamps: Aluminum alloy pipe clamps are basically the same as plastic pipe clamps. The main pipe clamp body is made of aluminum alloy, so the selected equipment is mainly made of aluminum alloy injection machine.
3. U-shaped pipe clamps: The main equipment used is forging presses and CNC machine tools. First of all, high-quality carbon steel must be selected, baked to a certain extent in the oven, and then bent into a U-shaped installation with a forging press. Galvanized.

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