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Stainless steel angle valve is better or all copper is better

Stainless steel angle valve products do not contain lead and are healthier than copper angle valves. It is understood that in the current kitchen and bathroom market, except for kitchen sink products, which are basically made of stainless steel, almost all sanitary ware hardware accessories are copper products or other metal products. On the other hand, this means that the term "stainless steel", which is often heard, has become a new product when it is used in sanitary ware. The traditional copper angle valve contains lead, which will appear patina and darken after a long time of use. The stainless steel angle valve does not contain lead, and is acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, corrosion-resistant, does not release harmless substances, and is healthier for the human body. Moreover, the product of this material has a long service life, and the appearance becomes newer as it is used.
However, copper faucets also have their own advantages compared with them. For example: the price is low, the market and product technology are relatively mature, etc.
Copper angle valves are the mainstream in the market. Low lead content will not affect human health. As a new product that has appeared in the market in recent years, the market for stainless steel faucets can be described as increasingly strong. So, compared with it, is the copper angle valve, which has been tempered in the market for nearly a hundred years, facing the "life and death"? Relevant industry insiders think not. The stainless steel angle valve is a new product in the market and has its advantages. However, looking at the entire industry, no stainless steel products have been found in the products of international first-line brands, and copper core products are still the mainstream. Copper is an essential element for the human body and has the effect of inhibiting bacteria. Moreover, there is basically no need for citizens to worry about the "lead-containing" problem of copper angle valves.
Since the products of the two materials have their own advantages, it is recommended that you choose according to different needs. Angle valves are frequently used, and stainless steel is not as thick as copper and has a hand feel. And if it is a shower, a stainless steel angle valve will be more suitable.