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Pipeline metrics

(1) Hygienic performance
High-quality water pipe materials will not cause water pollution, and will not cause problems such as "red water, blue water, and hidden water", which meets people's "health first" requirements.
(2) Product life
Product life is the key to economic performance. If water pipes and pipe fittings cannot last longer than buildings, it will cause consumers to lose more than 10 times the first investment in water pipes (mainly the loss of multiple decoration materials), and may also cause family property losses and increase maintenance. cost. High-quality plumbing materials should be maintenance-free during the life of the building.
(3) Material strength
Statistics show that more than 60% of water pipe leaks are caused by external forces. Such as: impact by external force, penetration of iron nails, etc. Therefore, material strength is a key indicator of high-quality water pipe materials and plays an important role in the safe use of water pipe materials. Insufficient strength of water pipe materials is the main factor in the loss of family property.
(4) Corrosion resistance
The water pipe material must have good corrosion resistance. Mainly include: resistance to water flow corrosion, water corrosion resistance, air corrosion resistance, etc. Corrosion is the second factor of water pipe leakage, but it is the first factor that causes water pipes to pollute the water source.
(5) Economic performance
The economic performance of water pipes cannot be measured by the first investment, because it is a "small investment, large loss" product. Long life, maintenance-free, and loss-free are the keys to the economic performance of water pipes. The first investment in water pipes can only be ranked fourth in its economic factors. Consumers are the first to suffer from the first investment to measure the economic performance of water pipes.
(6) Construction performance
The high-quality water pipes and fittings are easy to install, no reaming wire, no welding, no construction pollution, no construction risk, and the connection is completed quickly.
(7) Thermal expansion performance
We use cold water as well as hot water; the environment in which we live also changes throughout the year. Therefore, high-quality water pipe materials should have a small thermal expansion coefficient. Strong adaptability to ambient temperature and use temperature. Excessive thermal expansion coefficient is also one of the reasons for water leakage.
(8) Thermal insulation performance
The high-quality water pipe material should not be a heat-conducting material, because it will cause energy loss during the process of delivering hot water, and it will also cause cracking of home decorative tiles. This is a double loss of energy and home environment.
(9) Environmental performance
High-quality water pipe materials should be recyclable, there is no concern about reuse, and there will not be a lot of polluted garbage for future generations and there is no good way to deal with it. We must be considerate for future generations.