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Pipeline FAQ

1. How deep should the worker make the groove? How much should I buy for triangle valves, hoses, etc.?

Answer: Generally about 3cm. There are 6-8 triangle valves and hoses for one bathroom and one kitchen, and 8-12 for each bathroom and one kitchen. The details are determined when installing the faucet.

2. May I use brand A pipe fittings to connect B brand pipes, will there be problems when connecting the two brands of water pipes?

Answer: Different brands of pp-r pipes use different raw materials, different thermal fuse coefficients, and different cooling times, so this is not recommended.

3. Does the slotted 3cm mean one water pipe or two water pipes?

Answer: 3cm refers to the depth and width of a pipe groove. The width of the two pipe grooves should be increased accordingly.

4. What is the difference between a cold water pipe and a hot water pipe?

Answer: The wall thickness of the cold and hot water pipes is different, and the pressure is also different. The cold water pipe is 16 kilograms, and the hot water pipe is 25 kilograms. The thermal conductivity of the hot water pipe is one-200th of that of the metal pipe. The cold water pipe has no thermal conductivity. The hot water pipe can pass cold water but the cold water pipe cannot pass hot water.
The difference between hot and cold is mainly considered from the perspective of economic benefits, after all, the prices of the two are different. If economic conditions permit, it is also possible to use all hot water pipes.

5. After the water pipe is finished, why some inner wire elbows in the house are not parallel or exposed on the wall?

Answer: After the water pipe is installed, the mason needs to adjust the parallelism of the water pipe when sealing the water pipe. The center distance of the shower is 15 cm. The depth of the inner wire elbow is mainly based on the thickness of the wall tile, so as to prevent the wall brick and the inner wire elbow of the water pipe from being parallel or exposed If the mason does not pay attention to these problems on the wall, it will affect the installation of sanitary ware.