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Metal pipe

1. Galvanized pipe

As a water pipe, after a few years of use, a lot of rust and dirt are generated in the pipe. The yellow water that flows out not only pollutes the sanitary ware, but also contains bacteria that breed on the matte inner wall. The rust causes the heavy metal content in the water to be too high, which seriously endangers the health of the human body. It is forbidden to be a drinking water pipe).

2. Copper pipe

It has the advantages of corrosion resistance and sterilization. It is the first-class product in water pipes. The connection methods of copper pipe include ferrule, welding and self-locking circlip type. The ferrule has a long time and has the problem of aging and water leakage. The welding is to use the hot melt process to weld the two connecting pieces to achieve the connection effect. The connection strength is high, and the welding seam gas protection of the on-site welding joint is difficult to meet the standard, causing the welding seam to be easy to rust, which directly reduces the service life of the pipeline; the installation quality is highly dependent on the welding workers' technology, and the quality is difficult to stabilize. The operation is simple and convenient, and the construction personnel only need to be familiar with the operation requirements and master it with a little practice. When connecting, the cut end face of the pipe should be perpendicular to the axis of the pipe. The burrs inside and outside the cut should be cleaned up, and the depth to be inserted should be marked on the outside of the front end of the copper pipe with a marker, and then the copper pipe should be inserted into the pipe to the end of the pipe. Low installation risk, suitable for various installation environments, reusable, environmentally friendly and energy-saving; no leakage, shockproof, thermal expansion and contraction, safe to use, durable and reliable.

One disadvantage of copper pipes is that they conduct heat quickly, so the hot water pipes produced by famous copper pipe manufacturers are covered with plastics and foaming agents to prevent heat dissipation. Another disadvantage of copper pipes is that they are expensive. The construction cost of welding is higher, and few home decorations use welded copper pipes.

3. Stainless steel pipes---the new darling of home improvement pipes

Stainless steel is safe, hygienic, healthy, and durable. It eliminates the problem of plastic pipe pollution, and its price is much cheaper than copper pipe. It is the preferred water pipe material.

Stainless steel material is not only used in medical treatment, food, beverage, petrochemical industry and our tableware, teapots, but also can be implanted in the human body, such as artificial steel framework, artificial teeth, etc. After decades of application, it has been proved that stainless steel materials have excellent corrosion resistance, sanitation, no rust, no scaling, no dialysis and release of foreign matter, good self-cleaning, long service life, environmental protection, and 100% recycling.