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How to install the shower is better

In the process of installing the shower, there are also points that deserve careful consideration, such as the installation height, which is too high to be reached by experts, and the water splashes hurt when it falls, and it is too low to be inconvenient and awkward to wash. Therefore, proper installation can make the shower experience more perfect.
There are two ways to install the shower head, one is surface-mounted and the other is concealed-mounted. Taking the surface mounted type as an example, the specific installation process of the shower is as follows:
1. Determine the size. After measuring the size of the shower head, determine the width and overall height of the fixed distance when the shower head is installed on the wall. The distance between the faucet and the ground is generally about 60cm.
2. Punch holes. Drill holes according to the measured size, be careful not to penetrate the water pipes in the wall, and wrap raw tape at the joints to prevent the water pipes from leaking.
3. Device accessories. Screw the accessories inside the shower to the wall, including the faucet and the entire bracket.
4. Check the device. Finally, install the shower head on the shower bracket. After installation, check whether the level is sufficient, open the faucet at the same time, remove the impurities in the hose, and check whether the nozzle can be used normally.