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Frequently Asked Questions about Bathroom Showers

Question: When using a rain shower, I found that the water is not a spray-like fine water stream, and some places have a thick water column. What should I do?

Answer: There are two reasons why the fine water of the shower sprinkler becomes a mixed thick and fine water. The first is that the spraying method of your shower is adjustable. You can adjust the sprinkler head by rotating it. If it is not adjusted, the reason is that the sprinkler is too dirty Use a small flat-blade screwdriver to open the small round cap in the middle of the nozzle, unscrew the screw with a Torx screwdriver, turn on the shower, rinse with clean water, brush the shower hole with a toothbrush, and then install and restore.
Supplement: Showerheads with adjustment functions generally have several water outlet methods. Adjusting the adjustment dial will transform the functions according to the internal results, such as shower, large and small pulses, mixing functions, etc.

Question: The shower will often get blocked if it is used for a long time, and some holes will leak out, but some will not. What should I do?

Answer: There are two types of sprinkler spouts on the market, one of which is made of hard material. You can only use the cleaning needle to remove the dirt when cleaning. There is also a soft material, usually silica gel, which can be used to remove dirt by hand. The latter is recommended. However, due to the different quality and grade of silica gel, you must ask carefully when purchasing.

Supplement: The face mask on the shower head generally contains a self-cleaning sheet for the face mask. The function of the self-cleaning sheet is to adjust the amount of water and also to clean it. The self-cleaning sheet is generally made of rubber or silicone.