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Floor drain installation and Retrofit


First: Trim the reserved holes for drainage to make them exactly match the floor drains bought back, because the reserved holes for drainage by real estate developers are relatively large when the house is handed over. Among them, the opening diameter of the floor drain grate should be controlled between 6-8mm, which can prevent the entry of hair, sludge, sand and other dirt;

Second: It should be grasped that the water inlet of the multi-channel floor drain is installed according to the actual situation. The multi-channel floor drain is a floor drain that can be combined with a multi-function joint (to undertake a washbasin, a bathtub, a washing machine and ground drainage). This structure can solve the problem that a sewer outlet needs to be used for multiple drainage.


There are generally two ways to add a floor drain in a place where there is no floor drain: one is to raise the ground and lay down the water pipe; the other is to penetrate the floor and re-lay the water pipe.