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Do you know the design concept of shower head?

The different style of life that the shower shows us is a continuation of its functionality. Many big brands are developing showers with multiple water outlet methods. In addition to the most basic general water flow for a simple and fast shower, there are different water flow and water volume controls for additional functions such as massage and shampooing. So that every bath is comfortable in place. To allow people to experience all the different ways of showering, there is a range of hand showers and shower towers for any mood and occasion, combining reliable and durable features with a soothing design that stands out for sophistication care for the details.

For example, the cold-touch design is incorporated into the shower, so that a layer of isolation is formed between the surface of the hand-held shower and the hot water flowing through it. Even after a long-term high-temperature hot water shower, the handle will not be too hot. During the bathing process, we often change the direction of the sprinkler head. The result of going around is that the hoses are tangled together. If the sprinkler head is accidentally dropped at this time, it is easy to be hit by the sprinkler head that is thrown off in an undirected way. And our brand of shower head can effectively prevent the hose from getting tangled and knotted, and every turn keeps the hose arm smooth.