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Do you know how to use and maintain the roller tool(2)?

3. Adjust the content of the paint on the material so that the paint does not flow. Coating Lighter contact in the range of about 3-4 times the length of the drum spreads the paint on the object to be coated. When painting the surface, use a lighter force to gradually increase the force to spread the paint evenly.

4. If a large area is applied at one time, roller marks will be formed at the junction of the coating films, so one-third of the roller width should be overlapped, and the coating should be carried out on the basis of 50-60CM2, and the narrowness should be in the small roller. When constructing a large wall, at the same time, the construction is carried out in layers and sections according to the grid joints of each layer. First, use tape to protect the upper and lower grid joints. When coating, use bamboo poles to lengthen the rollers. Roll from the highest point of each layer to the lowest point of each layer at once.

5. When spraying, leave the construction wall about 30 cm, and spray evenly from top to bottom or from left to right. During the construction process, the nozzle of the spray gun must be cleaned from time to time to ensure the construction quality.