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Common sense of shower

A look at the jet effect
From the outside, the shape of the shower head looks similar, and the spray effect must be considered when choosing. A good shower head can ensure that every small spray hole sprays evenly and consistently, and can ensure a smooth and dripping shower effect under different water pressures. Test the water to see if the jet is even.
Second look at the injection method
The internal design of the shower is also different. When choosing a hand shower, in addition to looking at its spray effect, the spray methods of the hand shower also include lasing and massage. The general spray methods can bring more ideal effects. Shower pleasure. Anhua Sanitary Ware’s free-flowing technology allows you to choose the appropriate spraying mode according to your mood: natural and comfortable rain shower, energetic massage, comfortable and warm spray, smooth and soft water column, water-saving dripping . According to the mood, "bath" as you like.
Three look at the surface coating
The quality of shower coating not only affects the quality and service life, but also affects the usual cleaning and hygiene. The shower is generally chrome-plated, and a good coating can be maintained at a high temperature of 150 ° C for 1 hour without foaming, wrinkling, or cracking. Peeling phenomenon; 24 hours acetic acid salt spray test does not corrode. When selecting, you can see its gloss and smoothness. A bright and smooth shower indicates that the coating is uniform and the quality is good.
Four look at the ceramic valve core
The valve core affects the use experience and service life of the shower. A good shower uses a ceramic valve core, which is smooth and frictionless. When selecting, you can manually twist the switch, and the comfortable and smooth feel can ensure the smooth and reliable performance of the product during use.