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Brief introduction and manufacturing process of drum

Roller, cylindrical parts, divided into driving and driven rollers, used in printing machines, digital printers and other conveying equipment. Most of them are made of stainless steel, steel castings, and solid forged alloy steel cores.
Manufacturing process: Generally, in terms of the main shaft of the drum, according to the load conditions, it can be divided into the following three types:
(1) The mandrel only bears the bending moment, such as the shaft of the reversing roller group;
(2) The rotating shaft bears bending moment and torque at the same time, such as the shaft of the transmission roller group; the material of the shaft is generally rolled or forged carbon steel or alloy steel, the usual material is medium carbon steel, and No. 45 steel is the most common material. Commonly used, for shafts with large force and limited size, as well as shafts with special requirements, alloy steel can be used, and the material is 40 chrome. According to needs, the shaft generally needs to undergo heat treatment or surface strengthening treatment to improve its mechanical properties. Performance and wear resistance, etc. At normal temperature, the difference in elastic modulus between alloy steel and carbon steel is very small, so the use of alloy steel cannot improve the stiffness of the shaft;
(3) The material of the shaft is generally quenched and tempered. For the transmission roller set, when the shaft strength index does not meet the requirements, it can also be combined with quenched and tempered treatment, and checked according to the allowable stress of symmetrical cyclic bending.